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Full Service Meat Market and Wild Game Processing

Deer and Wild Game Processing

Current Store Hours
Monday through Friday: 9am - 7pm
Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Sunday: Closed

Please Call and Schedule a Processing Pick Up During Normal Business Hours.

The Rust Game Place understands the importance of the preparation of your animal.  Therefore, the game animal you bring to our establishment is what will be used to prepare your individual order. We do not mix meat together in batches like many processors do so you get "YOUR" meat back! 

Deer and other Wild Game may be brought to us in a variety of ways; however, it must be field dressed.  Quartered(*), or de-boned meat is also acceptable.  If your order includes items such as steaks, hamburger, chili, hams, etc., a processing fee only will apply.  If your order includes items such as fresh sausage, dry sausage, pan sausage, buck sticks, summer sausage, salami, etc., we will utilize our fabulous house recipe or you can bring us your favorite recipe and we will prepare it accordingly.  Additional fees for each requested item (sausage, buck sticks, etc) will apply in addition to the processing fee.  FYI, de-boned meat does not receive a processing fee; however, the individual fee for the desired type of product (sausage, jerky, etc.)  will apply.

During hunting season, we are open 7 days a week - Monday thru Thursday from 8AM to 8PM and Friday. Saturday and Sunday 8 AM- 6 PM.  A night drop is available for after hours drop off.  Please call us during our normal business hours

The Rust Game Place prides ourselves on our flexibility; therefore, if there is something that you want that we do not currently provide..ask us!  If we can do it, you will get it!   

Deer Processing
Quarters (2 Shoulders/2 Hinds/2 Back Straps): $16/ea

*Quartered means 4 quarters the two front shoulders and two back hinds.  The ribs and neck are not included.  If the ribs and neck are included, it is considered a full deer and the full processing fee will apply.

Whitetail Deer: $85.00

Mule Deer: $110.00

Boned-Out Meat (Ground and Packaged): $1.25/lb

Wild Hog Processing
Skinning: $10.00/ea

Cut, Ground, & Wrapped: $1.00/lb

Exotic Game
Elk, Red Stag, Nilgai, Any other Large Exotic Animals:
Processing Costs Vary. Please call for pricing!

Note: Basic Cut and Wrap Services Include Bagging and Vacuum Sealing Your Meat!

Custom Processing Options
*Note that 20 Pound minimum (Green Weight) per item applies on below options notated with (**)
*$20.00 Minimum Charge on Processing
(Minimum Does Not Apply to Curing Hams & Turkeys)*

**Pan Sausage (Our House Recipe!): $2.55/lb

**Pan Sausage (Similar to "Jimmy Dean" Style Sausage): $2.55/lb

**Dry Sausage (Rings): $3.00/lb

**Light Smoked Sausage  (Rings): $2.75/lb
**Fresh Link Sausage (Rings): $2.75/lb

**Hot Link Sausage (with Jalapenos!) (Rings): $3.00/lb

**Buck Sticks (Snack Sticks): $3.10/lb

**Summer Sausage: $2.90/lb

**Cooked Salami: $2.90/lb

Hard Salami: $3.10/lb

Jerky (Old or New/Regular Style - Your Choice): $4.00/lb

*All Jerky Has a $10.00 Minimum Charge*

More Options
  • Add Jalapenos to any of the above (where applicable): $0.25/lb
  • Add Cheese to any of the above (where applicable): $0.50/lb
  • Cure and Smoke Hams or Turkeys: $10.00/each

Prices listed above are subject to change without notice.


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Bring in a legally tagged Whitetail Deer for donation with a nominal processing fee and we will do the rest!


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